Why Eagle Scouts, Gold Girl Scouts and Soldiers are good for business

Doing right requires courage and a commitment to a code of ethics. In leadership it is difficult and challenging to stay focused on what is right. To stay away from ego driven choices and seek opportunities that are good for your team, organization and country. Leaders are bombarded with opportunities and pressures to make more money, take on more risk and at times cross the ethical boundaries for a quick fix or the quick buck.

However you can surround yourself with a group of people who are trained in ethical conduct, who have been challenged, prodded and pushed to maintain ethical and high standards while completing difficult projects and missions.

These three groups have exhibited an ability to be patient, persistent, and have a willingness to look beyond their own needs to find a better way for their community, team and country. These are Eagle Scouts of Boy Scouts USA , Gold award winners from Girl Scouts USA and Soldiers (all branches). These incredible leaders are in every countryInternational Boy Scouts, World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and soldiers .

All have a creed and code that they abide by. The codes speak of honor, service and teamwork. They have all gone through extensive training and have been pushed to go beyond their own expectations. They have been evaluated, prodded, teased and pressed. Their belief and convictions are questioned and through many trials and tribulations they were rewarded for their ethics, and commitment to the greater good, their dedication and determination to find the best, most positive and the most effective way to complete their mission for their team and for those they serve. They are true servant leaders.

These scouts and soldiers know their team succeeds when leaders see potential in each of their team members. They seek to provide the motivation, resources and mentoring to make each member of the team be safe, strong, and self sufficient. They build their teams so that the team is committed to serve and acccomplish their tasks. These extraordinary leaders are about their people, their community, their organization and their family.

They live with a code of ethics, they strive to be better than they were before so that their team is better then it was before.

So the next time you are looking to hire someone, ask someone to be on your board, or put someone in a leadership position ask them:

Are you an Eagle Scout?
Are You A Girl Scout Gold Winner?
Did you serve in the military?

If the answer is yes! You know you have a candidate that has been trained to be an extraordinary leader.

With you in mind,

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