Don't just eat, drink and leave...Network and Grow Rich

When I was a teen I went to an event with my mom and Aunt. I hated going. I stood against the wall, sulked and was miserable. I felt all of those things because I didn't know what to do. I couldn't imagine talking to anyone. "What would I talk about?", I thought. That night my mom and Aunt taught me life changing techniques that work. You can learn the lessons too! My book Go Fish For Friends, Business and Opportunities is yours for free when you sign up for my free ezine.

Lucky for all of us my friend, Josh Hinds created a phenomenal site called it is filled with interviews of people known for their networking savvy. Authors, speakers, experts and savvy networkers share their secrets.

Some October experts include:
Phil Gerbyshak Author
Merlin Mann from
and one of my favorite people Margorie Brody of Brody Communications

Networking is a skill and like all skills you need to learn techniques, practice and prepare. Oh...and have fun!

With you in mind,


Josh Hinds said...

Pegine, thanks for the kind words about the site.... Josh :-)

Pegine said...

You are so welcome. For those of you who have not checked out ,Josh Hinds please do. It will be well worth your time, and energy.

Take Care, Pegine