SNAP OUT OF IT - Change Your State Of Mind

Today I had a discussion with a phenomenally successful woman who earns well over 200,000 dollars a year, is up at four in the morning to work out, meditates and prays daily, is incredibly giving, mentors many, is involved with charitable activities, is active her her children's lives and finds herself dealing with a checks and balance system within herself that asks "Am I OK? What did I do and what didn't I do?

This check and balance system is not a loving system. We were discussing how when we are tired, hungry, lonely or angry this system kicks into high gear. Usually, when taking care of our selves it is not around. However when it is in high gear our minds begin to point out weaknesses, mistakes, limitations and fuels negative thinking. That nagging, droaning message might say that "You're not good enough, a loser, or lacking in some quality"

Then you shake yourself up and say "SNAP OUT OF IT"
You might want to question yourself "Do I treat others this way?" Would I speak to my assistant, mentee, partner, child this way?" You would be horrified if you did treat others that way (and very lonely because people who run away from you) so again you would shake yourself up and say "Cut it out, change your thoughts"

But HOW??? Here is how:

Stop, Think and Take Action

List every good aspect of your life (all your blessings)
List every accomplishment
List every commendations, congratulatory note and plaque your received
List all the people who love you
List all the people you love
List every animal that you pet and play with
List every kid in your life who giggles

Now...forget what you were thinking and go make someone smile, build someone up, tell someone in your office hat they did a good job, call home and say "thanks for being in my life"

If you are still stuck... Do every list again.

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